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Did you know that self-defense is more than being able to physically defend yourself? It should empower you with a heightened awareness. An ability to set boundaries. The motivation and ability to develop safety strategies. It also means that you have learned and practiced how to use vocal and physical techniques that are highly effective and easy to apply under duress.

Master Cherith Shiba, Women’s Self Defense Instructor, gets it. Her passion is to provide women an engaging environment to learn and apply true self-defense. Her workshop is the result of years of personal research and interviews. She instructs, she listens and she ensures that you get several opportunities to apply what you have learned. This includes engaging “assailants”.

A recent participant told us, “I now need to schedule a workshop for ever woman in my life. And then do all that I can to make sure they attend!” This Mom, who attended with her teen daughters, sums up the importance and value of these workshop quite well.

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