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Courtesy means to be thoughtful and kind to others. We should be respectful, polite and considerate to others.We have opportunities at home, in school and in our dojang to practice this tenet.At home, we start with our parents. Be courteous to them by saying “Yes Ma’am” or “Yes Mom” and “Yes Sir” or “Yes Dad” with a kind, respectful tone. At the dojang, we say “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes Sir” to our instructors, all black belts, and all adults. Being courteous in these two ways helps you develop the habit of courtesy and you will find yourself being more courteous to everyone!


–>Integrity means choosing to do the right thing at all times – whether someone else is watching or not.Do what you say you are going to do. Keep your commitments. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Be honest. Tell the truth. Do the right thing no matter how hard this is.

Is the “cool” crowd choosing to do or say wrong things? We help you practice integrity at our Utah Taekwondo school so you can say no and courteously walk away. Now THAT is cool! And means you have integrity.


–>Perseverance means you never give up. You keep on keeping on. It is your willingness as a Taekwondo student to continue to struggle against all odds to reach your goals – inside and outside of our dojang. We all learn together to embrace our challenges and to never run from them!


Self Control means you control your body and mind. You learn to have control over your thoughts as well as your actions. We learn to keep our emotions in check, particularly in difficult or trying circumstances.

In our very youngest Tiny Tiger classes we learn to keep our hands to ourselves and control our bodies so we may learn and not distract others from learning. All of our students learn self defense techniques and we exercise self control so we do not harm our classmates when we practice them. We also never use these techniques outside of our dojang unless we truly need to defend ourselves. Self Control.

Indomitable Spirit means you keep a happy heart in the face of challenge. Any challenge. You persevere with integrity no matter the challenge! You stand up for what is right no matter the odds against you. You give 100% effort in all you do inside the dojang and in life.