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133 S. State Street #4, Clearfield, UT 84015
Adult Class

Ages 16 and up

You will quickly discover that, in this class, we are each at our own unique level and we all work together – supporting and uplifting one another. Why is each student here? Our reasons run the gamut – yours will fit right in! Keep the mind active, gain flexibility, get in shape, stay in shape, get in better shape, develop friendships, compete at the highest level at National Championships and beyond (or never compete), learn self-defense, improve martial arts skills, gain leadership skills, and more. While we learn valuable martial arts skills together, we simultaneously help each other reach our individual goals. This is extremely rewarding. Oh, and we definitely have fun!

We encourage a no obligation trial class prior to enrollment so you can make an informed decision if our school is right for you.  Simply call our school at 801-309-3788 or click on the button below.  We look forward to meeting you soon!