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Class Descriptions

Adult Class

Ages 16 and up

You will quickly discover that, in this class, we are each at our own unique level and we all work together – supporting and uplifting one another. Why is each student here? Our reasons run the gamut – yours will fit right in! Keep the mind active, gain flexibility, get in shape, stay in shape, get in better shape, develop friendships, compete at the highest level at National Championships and beyond (or never compete), learn self-defense, improve martial arts skills, gain leadership skills, and more. While we learn valuable martial arts skills together, we simultaneously help each other reach our individual goals. This is extremely rewarding. Oh, and we definitely have fun!

Junior Class

Ages 8 – 15

Building on the Tiger classes, this class provides each student with a positive, uplifting martial arts environment. In the midst of this, you are taught to and held to the highest standards of traditional Taekwondo skills. You are taught new skills as soon as you are ready for them – at the level you are ready to receive them at. Our instructors are committed to help each of our Juniors develop and champion their individual goals. Put the work in during each class and, as able, outside of class and watch your Taekwondo skills flourish!

Open Class

Ages 8 – adult

Have you looked over the class schedule and still haven’t found a class that works for your schedule? Or do you want to participate as a family in the same class – no matter your individual ages and levels? A “Yes!” to either and this is the class for you! Our students thrive in this class! Each student champions their own goals and progresses at the pace that is best for them. No one is held back by the open format. The varied ages and levels add great value to your learning experience as you champion each progressive martial arts skill.

Tigers Class

Ages 5 – 7

This fun martial arts class prepares your student for life. The real life skills they learn in this class prepare them to navigate and properly handle what life will bring them. Here, while we carefully teach them valuable martial arts skills, your Tiger begins to learn how to live out the tenets of Taekwondo: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit. Like our Tiny Tigers, the promotion system is within the class and traditional TKD belts are not yet awarded. Regardless of age, when it is best for your student we will promote them to our Junior class.

Tiny Tigers Class

Ages 3 ½ – 4

This is the class for our youngest martial artists. They are as precious as can be! Our focus is coordination-based learning. We always include fun, purposeful games. For many this is their first exposure to standing in line, following specific directions, and governing their bodies to be still when required. We are committed to making those first exposures positive and uplifting for your Tiny Tiger. Above all, we use this class to help your Tiny Tiger develop a love for martial arts. They are taught real martial arts skills at their level and ability. Did we mention they are as precious as can be?

Sparring Class

All are welcome and encouraged to participate! Our class consists of National Champions and Utah State Champions of all belt ranks, world-class level Black Belts, and our highly valued once-a-week warriors who have no desire to ever compete. They all work together on the mats and EACH contributes to the growth and improvement of all the others. Each student progresses at their own pace and so will you.

This class requires equipment so we provide you with a 30-day free trial so you can make sure this is the class for you. Once you officially begin, you are required to personally own the proper equipment.

Competition Class

This is a special class for our Elite Competition Team. Are you interested in taking your martial arts skills to the national or even international level? Do you have Olympic dreams? If you have big dreams (or simply have the competition craving bug) AND are willing to put in the work, we have experienced world-class instructors who are ready to work with you. Please let your instructor know you’d like more information!

Special Request Class

Upon request and whenever we are able to accommodate, we provide special classes for members of our community. Past examples include fun, rewarding classes for our local “HOPE KIDS” who are battling a life threatening condition, homeschool PE classes, and community board breaking events. Please see your instructor or Contact Us to discuss your special request.